Thank You For Your Support

Thank You For Your Support

There is no way to know the exact number of people who stopped by our lemonade stand yesterday, but our supplies and raffle tickets suggest that there were over 600 of you.

Just imagine what 600 giant hearts who believe in the strength of our community, who champion our kids to work towards creating change, and who want to send love and support to Xavier and the kids at Silver Creek, can do.

First, you create a safe and thriving community for all of us to live. You teach our kids that their voice and their efforts matter and that they have the power to impact lives. And finally, you pitch in and raise money for an outstanding cause.

This year we chose to raise money in support of the #CaptainXavierFund. With the collective efforts of our community, and MorCan Direct who generously offered to match our donations dollar for dollar, we were able to raise $20, 274.00.

That was raised one cup of lemonade, and one dollar, at a time.

Our hearts are full.

Our community, filled with neighbours, business owners, teachers, politicians, family, community workers and friends, is exceptional.

Lemonade for Love will always be about creating community and #kidshelpingkids, but the impact of yesterday’s fundraising efforts will, with no doubt, greatly impact the lives of families in our community who would benefit from the support of Silver Creek.

You should be proud.

Until next year,

2017 Lemonade News

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