Lemonade For Love 2015 | Pictures, Round 1

Lemonade For Love 2015 | Pictures, Round 1

Lemonade News | Summer 2015

A great big high five and thank you to Rabbat Photography, of Etobicoke, for their sponsorship and support! Rabbat Photography  graciously supplied us with a load of photographs that showcase our big day! We’ll share them over the course of the next couple of weeks!

Also, thank you to everyone who made this such a big success. We were able to donate close to $5,000 to Madelyn’s family. If you missed the note from Madelyn’s mom, click here.

We’ll be taking a break after August, but will be gearing up for the Lemonade for Love 2016 event in the New Year. If you’re interested in getting involved, give us a shout . If you want to keep in touch, join us on  Twitter & Facebook!


The Lemonade Team 2015


Our digital master! Check out Ronan’s video on our Blog


Thanks to the gang at http://www.mygiantgames.com/ for supplying the kiddos with some super sized games! It kept the kiddos busy while the adults chatted!



Getting ready for her shift!


Dedicated volunteers!


Xavier and his Grandma


Cute customers!


Our volunteers taking a break and dishin’


Thank you to City Councillor Justin DiCiano for the support!


We are so thankful for the support of these fabulous local businesses


We Raised HOW Much?! Drum Roll Please!

We Raised HOW Much?! Drum Roll Please!

Lemonade News | Summer 2015

Yahoo! Our 2nd annual Lemonade for Love is over! There are so many people to thank and acknowledge for their kindness. The support we’ve received from our community, friends and family is overwhelming and very humbling. I’m proud to say that the kids had a cause, they mobilized, and as a result of everyones hard work and tremendous community spirit, were able to raise $4,700.00!!
(The money is still coming in!)

That was a busy 3 hours and ALOT of lemonade!

You guys made it possible and thank you doesn’t seem adequate, but I’m at a loss for anything more. I know that this doesn’t change the circumstance for Madelyn and her family, but if it can offer any relief then we were successful.

Kudos to @rabbatphotography for offering her photography skills and capturing some pretty awesome moments.  Thank you to our list of fabulous sponsors and supports. And finally, HUGE love to DanielaLucanor, Xavier and Brigitte for opening up their home to us.  xoxo


Check back later this week for more pictures.

Still want to give? You can still donate online here

Are you interested in getting involved next year? Fantastic! Fill out the form here

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Pizza & Poster Making Party Pictures

Pizza & Poster Making Party Pictures

Lemonade News | Summer 2015

Our number one goal for the Lemonade for Love is to build community. In the spirit of that, we hosted a Pizza and Poster making party. It was an open invitation to children in the neighbourhood to gather and create invitations for the lemonade stand. The only caveat was that if a child created a poster, we would make 10 copies of it, and the child would then be responsible for passing it along to invite his or her  friends and neighbours.

The children were very busy – we walked away with 40 individual works of art!  We took this video during the party!

We recognized that our fortune is measured in all of the families and businesses that are supporting our efforts this Saturday. We are very lucky to have Danielle from rabbat photography join us at our Pizza & Poster making party last month. She snapped a load of pictures – we’ve included some below.

The images are beautiful, thank you rabbat photography!


Helping the kiddos with words and messaging.










Happy Birthday Mr. Munsch!

Happy Birthday Mr. Munsch!

Lemonade News | Summer 2015

We wish Robert Munsch the HAPPIEST of birthdays today!

When we spoke to Mr. Munsch about the lemonade stand, he was very responsive. He sent a signed copy of his new book, Pyjama Day, in the mail the very next day. We’ll be raffling this book off at our lemonade stand June 20th. In the meantime, thank you for the years of laughs, giggles and snot bubbles Mr. Munsch! xoxox

How You & Your Kids Can Help.

Lemonade News | Summer 2015


Many kiddos in the neighbourhood gathered last week to get their invitations for the lemonade stand ready. Over 400 of the invitations are set to be hand delivered, door to door, starting this Friday.

You can check out their invitations on the blog and you can see a handful of the kiddos on this video – We’ve received questions about how kids (and parents) can help out! A big thank you to all that inquired – your interest and willingness to help warms our hearts.

Here are a number of ways to get involved!

#1. Create an invitation and share it with your friends, family and neighbours! Deliver them door to door, or create a digital invitation (a photo of your art work is fine!) and send it via email!

#2. Tell your class and community groups about the lemonade stand and encourage them to stop by. Fairfield Park is just a few houses down, so everyone can get a cup of lemonade on their way to play.

#3. Graffiti Chalk Art! Grab your mom or dad and set out to do some chalk art on the sidewalks around 69 Leland. Draw some gigantic arrows towards the house from the park and other streets. Show them that ALL streets lead to the lemonade stand :)!

#4: Share the website with friends and colleagues. Ask them to share it and spread the good word too.

#5: Write a blog post or do a video on why it is important for kids to help kids or why community events are good.

#6: Say thank you to our fabulous sponsors. They include N&F Maintenance, TPM Custom Homes Inc.,  The Bake Sale Toronto, 4 Cats Art Studio, and Cake Star

#7: Share our news on your social media! Social media specific assets are available here!

#8. Join us at the Lemonade Stand! Stop by for a class of lemonade, cookie or cupcake, and support an amazing cause!

Thank you for your continued support!