TIFF’s digiPlaySpace 2016: Thinking Big!

TIFF’s digiPlaySpace 2016: Thinking Big!

Lemonade News | Summer 2014

We haven’t started to talk much about our 2016 Lemonade for Love event, yet, but one thing we do hope is that the kiddos think BIG and dream BIG this year. That’s where change begins, right?

Thinking big, and daring to dream big, takes guts. You have to be brave to dare turn your wild imagination into reality!

I had the opportunity to speak with the folks over at TIFF about the Lemonade for Love event and the kid volunteers. We spoke of how fabulous the kids are and about our desire to encourage them to start thinking BIG.  Allow the kids to dream up wild ideas for their event. Do they want to serve up purple lemonade? Should they bring in a mariachi band!?

The folks at TIFF kindly invited a handful of the volunteers to this year’s digiPlaySpace media launch.  This is a place entirely dedicated to thinking BIG.

Why is it important that the kiddo’s attended the media launch? Because they were able to meet and mingle with the artists who created the installations. These are the folks that dare to dream big. More important, these are the folks that put their imagination into action.

The kiddo’s actually took note pads and had a few questions prepared. They were nervous about what questions to ask the artists. But, as with all things creative and inspiring, the questions were organic as the kids immersed themselves into the creations. “Why did you do it this way?” they’d ask. “What were you thinking when you did that!?” “Do you really love raccoons?”.

We’ll post some of the videos of the day at a later time, but for now we just want to share our experience at  digiPlaySpace 2016 and encourage you to check it out too!


This year’s TIFF #DigiPlaySpace Volunteers Adeline, Xavier, Brigitte & Adelaide

What is the digiPlaySpace?

Good Question!

THE digiPlaySpace exhibit, held at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, is an interactive and digital adventure that is both engaging and educational!  The exhibit is filled with interactive installations that include, but are not limited to,  virtual reality games, green screen escapades, robotic & circuit building activities. Kids are encouraged to touch, feel, and interact with the installations. This is not a hands-off program!

Lemonade For Love Volunteers at the Sensory Imaging Installation

Sensory Imaging Artist: Adrian Sas | USA –  “Sensory Imaging engages children (including those with sensory processing disorders) in an immersive experience that encourages sensory exploration and nurtures their capacity to learn through discovery. As children interact with Sensory Imaging’s billowing fabric, the mterial appears to change hue, radiating colour at the point of contact, rendering a four-dimensional map of their actions.” – TIFF

As soon as we walked through the main door, the kids were taken with this Sensory Imaging installation. In fact, in order to get them to move on, we had to promise them that there was more fabulous installations to be explored!

2016-03-02 10.10.16

Xavier enjoyed this installation too!


Their next stop was with the folks who created Trackoons.  Trackoons is a multiplayer game (up to 8 people!) that has raccoons face off in a race throughout Toronto. It was amazing to watch a bunch of 7-year-olds become fiercely competitive playing this game.

Again, we had to lure them away with the promise of more!

Trackoons at digiPlaySpace_Courtesy of TIFF (110)

Trackoons at digiPlaySpace | Photo Courtesy of TIFF


The Chooseatron

2016-03-02 11.16.18

Addy is working through the story elements with the creator Jerry Belich

The Chooseatron was a big hit as well. If you’re having a difficult time engaging your child with reading – this just might be your go-to installation! The Choosatron is wi-fi connected and facilitates interactive and social reading. In essence, the child can pick elements of the story and an adventure is created based on their choices. This blends digital and analogue storytelling, and the kids walk away with something tangible – a story of their own.


The Chooseatron | Artist: Jerry Belich

Once you’ve made all of your choices, you receive a print-out of a story! This was the print out of Addy’s story! It was super scary, but she reassured Jerry (the creator) that she could handle it! : )


Augmented Reality Sandbox

It never fails, kids love to dig into their adventures….

Augmented Reality Sandbox at digiPlaySpace_Courtesy of TIFF (88)

including Xavier!

2016-03-02 10.51.47

The kiddos landed here for awhile. The Augmented Reality Sandbox is filled with real sand that looks like it is alive and moving! The impact was remarkable. The sand appears to be moving due to the use of an elevation colour map that creates contour lines and simulates water. The goal is to teach geographic, geologic and hydrologic concepts, such as how to read a topography map, the meaning of contour lines, watersheds and so on.

Kids amazed. Mom –  gobsmacked!


Other adventures we loved…..


The kiddo’s LOVED playing around with the Green Screen. In 5 minutes they traveled from London to the Galaxy!


LOL Olympics | Stop Motion Experience

LOL Olympics | Stop Motion Experience


2016-03-02 11.21.45

The Flippaper | Artist: Jeremie Cortial, Roman Miletitch | France The kiddos were able to create their own digital pinball machines through art! the kiddos were able to draw their own pinball using difference coloured markers and then actually PLAY the game themselves!


Needless to say, all of us had an absolute BLAST at this years digiPlaySpace event. There simply wasn’t enough time to hit up every installation!

digiPlaySpace 2016 is a must attend. This year it is running for 7 weeks from March 5th – April 24th, 2016. For more information, and to check out all of the fabulous installations we missed, visit them here .

From us big thinkers to you –

the gang at Lemonade For Love.


A Note From Madelyn’s Mom

A Note From Madelyn’s Mom

Lemonade News | Summer 2014


“Our family would like to thank Daniela for thinking of our family during this difficult time. We also want to thank all the parents and their children for all their hard work, and taking time out of their lives to help our family. A big thank you to all of those who donated. Madelyn is such a blessing in our lives and we try to make everyday a great one for her filled with lots of smiles and laughs (she loves when her big brother laughs) Thanks to all of those involved we get to spend more time thinking of her and less time thinking of the financial end. Our time with her is precious and you just gifted us with more :)”

 [tweetthis]A note from Madelyn’s mom [/tweetthis]


The Invitations Are Hitting The Streets!

The Invitations Are Hitting The Streets!

Lemonade News | Summer 2014

We’re so excited – the lemonade stand invitation and flyers are hitting the street this week! The kids have started to go door to door to hand out their lemonade stand invitations. It sounds labour intensive, and it is – but each parent I’ve spoken to has commented on the pride their kiddos have  felt when delivering their art work.

That is the purpose of the lemonade stand. For kids to learn what it feels like when they invest in their community and use their skills to make change. Whether it be a video or a handmade picture – they are making a difference.

The next few days are set to be pretty exciting. If you get an invitation at your doorstep, please consider stopping by for a treat. We’d love to see you!

Save the Date: June 20th, 2015

Save the Date: June 20th, 2015

Lemonade News | Summer 2014


Save the date! Our next Lemonade for Love event is happening in Etobicoke on June 20th, 2015. The location is still to be decided!

If you would like to get involved with this event as an adult volunteer, kiddo volunteer, sponsor, or all’round super hero, please contact me at melanie.minor@rogers.com Planning for this event will begin in the early half of 2015.

Again, thank you to everyone for your continued support.

Much love and hugs from our home to yours!


Suitcase Theatre Is Throwing A Bash and You are Invited

Suitcase Theatre Is Throwing A Bash and You are Invited

Lemonade News | Summer 2014

VINTAGE-LETTER-LIGHT-7_1024x1024_grande-300x300It’s a funny thing, to me. As parents, especially city parents, we spend all kinds of time and money sending our kiddos  to the best  programs and we host fabulous birthday parties for them each year. In the end they have a great time and we love doing it, but heck, what’s left for mom and dad?

Suitcase Theatre
has the  answer.

On Saturday September 27th Suitcase Theatre is  hosting their 7th Birthday Party  Bash at Smash in the Junction. It’s an adult only event with some birthday party fundamentals that include cocktails, a photo booth, cool venue and  yummy treats. Oh, and the folks who teach the kiddos comedy and stage presence through the year, are going to be on-site and are prepared to show us their “big-kid” comedic skills, the kind that they’ve thrown around on stage at places like Second City.

The bonus? Your $25 ticket goes straight to helping the theatre companies Schools In Need Outreach Program. This program brings  the magic of theatre to schools and kids, despite their income or circumstance.

My challenge to you? Grab a ticket, put on a fresh pair of jeans (stretchy mom jeans are A.O.K in my books) and join us. It’s a chance to meet some fab people (like me, and the guy who actually created Mr.Dressup!) and support a good cause.

How’s that for an elevator pitch?

Any questions can be sent over to the grand master Lucie at info@suitcasetheatre.com

In the spirit of community,  theatre and cocktails – 


Thank you! We Raised $1300 for the Bravery Bead Program at SickKids Hospital!

Thank you! We Raised $1300 for the Bravery Bead Program at SickKids Hospital!

Lemonade News | Summer 2014


What an incredible day!

We were blessed with wonderful weather and thirsty neighbours this Saturday 🙂

I am so very proud to say that the kiddos brought in over $1300 for the Bravery Bead program at SickKids. THANK YOU to our neighbours, family and friends for your support. It is such an incredible testament to the people we’ve been fortunate to surround ourselves with.

The neighbourhood children should be very proud of their efforts.

Much love and thanks to everyone who has shared our information, made a donation, supported our vision and voice, and offered the children encouragement with a big thumbs up.  The kids at SickKids work hard to get these beads and we’re proud to have the opportunity to support the program.

$1300 is alot of beads and alot of happiness. We can’t wait to share the news with everyone! But, for right now we are sitting with a cup of lemonade and basking in our happiness 🙂



Buttertart Festival

Buttertart Festival

Lemonade News | Summer 2014

Midland Ontario is hosting a Buttertart Festival this weekend!

Our own supporter, the Tartistry, is going to be traveling north to show off their sweet delights.

If you’re sad to be missing out on the festival, join us at our  lemonade stand. We’ll be selling fresh buttertarts from the Tartistry on Saturday morning. They’ll be $3 each, or 2 for $5. Come and taste test one of these delights – trust me, they’re pretty good!