We’ve received questions about how kids (and parents) can help out! A big thank you to all that inquired – your interest and willingness to help warms our hearts.

Here are a number of ways to get involved! smallLemonadeStand2_KCAS

#1. Create an Invitation
Create an invitation and share it with your friends, family and neighbours! Deliver them door to door, or create a digital invitation (a photo of your art-work is fine!) and send it via email! The invitation should include the following:

Title: Lemonade for Love
Date: Saturday June 17th, 2017
Time: 9am-12pm
Location: 90 Lothian Avenue, Etobicoke. Yup, this is Fairfield Park!
Website: www.lemonadeforlove.ca
Hashtag: #kidshelpingkids
And a beautiful picture!

Pssst: We would love to photocopy your invitation  (and include our supporters images, as well as an explanation about what Lemonade For Love is on the back). So, if you’re up for it, drop off a handcrafted invite to 66 Claymore Drive by June 5th. We’ll be sure to get it back to you for distribution! If not – go ahead and send those suckers out 🙂 

#2. Be a Lemonade For Love Ambassador!
Tell your class and community groups about the lemonade stand and encourage them to stop by. Have a sip of the sweet stuff and then hang out on the monkey bars for awhile (and burn off the sugar!).

#3. Graffiti Chalk Art!
Grab your mom or dad and set out to do some chalk art on the sidewalks around Fairfield Park. Draw some gigantic arrows towards the park from other streets. Show them that ALL streets lead to the lemonade stand :)!

#4: Talk & Share!
Share the website with friends and colleagues. Ask them to share it and spread the good word too.

#5: Write
Write a blog post or do a video on why it is important for kids to help kids or why community events are good. We’d be happy to publish it!

#6: Say Thank You
Say thank you to our fabulous sponsors. Let them know that you know they rock!

#7: Get Social!
Share our news on your social media! Social media specific assets are available here!

#8. Drink Some Lemonade!
Join us at the Lemonade Stand! Stop by for a class of lemonade, cookie or cupcake, and support an amazing cause!

#9: Volunteer.
Interested in getting onboard? Drop us a line at lemonadeforloveetobicoke@gmail.com!

Thank you for your continued support!


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