Did You Receive An Invitation To Our Lemonade Stand?

Did You Receive An Invitation To Our Lemonade Stand?

Matthew, Sarah & Joanne

Matthew, Sarah & Joanne Photo Courtesy of SNAP!

I suspect you are checking out this site because you’ve received an invitation in your mailbox!  If that is the case, you’ve got a rock-star kiddo living close by who is involved with the Lemonade for Love lemonade stand. It is happening this Saturday!

This is the 3rd Annual Lemonade For Love in the neighbourhood. The lemonade stand is a child-driven, parent-supported event. We work together to help a local family who is having a difficult time. Its primary goal is to encourage #kidshelpingkids!



This year we are helping out Adajeah & Marlo.

This is a very exciting week for the volunteers! Our volunteers range in age from 4-13 years.  They’ve been armed with their own invitations and are on a mission to invite their community to their event.

Many of the children have presented to their soccer, baseball  and ball hockey team-mates, and others have been invited to talk about the lemonade stand in their classrooms!  The volunteers will also be serving up the sweet stuff on Saturday morning.  They are true community ambassadors and the level of interest they have in helping others is genuine. Their dedication and commitment to this should be admired and celebrated!

The stand is short, sweet, simple and fun and we would love to see you there! 69 Leland is just steps from the park – many families take a bike ride to the stand and then stay to play in the park! No matter how you travel, we’d love to be part of your plans on Saturday morning. There’s a cupcake in it for you 🙂

If you have any questions, we can be reached at lemonadeforloveetobicoke@gmail.com.





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