Pizza & Poster Making Party Pictures

Pizza & Poster Making Party Pictures

Our number one goal for the Lemonade for Love is to build community. In the spirit of that, we hosted a Pizza and Poster making party. It was an open invitation to children in the neighbourhood to gather and create invitations for the lemonade stand. The only caveat was that if a child created a poster, we would make 10 copies of it, and the child would then be responsible for passing it along to invite his or her  friends and neighbours.

The children were very busy – we walked away with 40 individual works of art!  We took this video during the party!

We recognized that our fortune is measured in all of the families and businesses that are supporting our efforts this Saturday. We are very lucky to have Danielle from rabbat photography join us at our Pizza & Poster making party last month. She snapped a load of pictures – we’ve included some below.

The images are beautiful, thank you rabbat photography!


Helping the kiddos with words and messaging.










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