The Invitations Are Hitting The Streets!

The Invitations Are Hitting The Streets!

We’re so excited – the lemonade stand invitation and flyers are hitting the street this week! The kids have started to go door to door to hand out their lemonade stand invitations. It sounds labour intensive, and it is – but each parent I’ve spoken to has commented on the pride their kiddos have  felt when delivering their art work.

That is the purpose of the lemonade stand. For kids to learn what it feels like when they invest in their community and use their skills to make change. Whether it be a video or a handmade picture – they are making a difference.

The next few days are set to be pretty exciting. If you get an invitation at your doorstep, please consider stopping by for a treat. We’d love to see you!

Lemonade News | Summer 2014

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