This year, the Lemonade for Love ambassadors, are putting their efforts towards raising money for the Captain Xavier Fund at Silver Creek Preschool.

Xavier is a boy from our community who at the age of one was diagnosed with a rare disease called Sandhoff Disease. Xavier is non-ambulatory, hearing and visually impaired, suffers from seizures, is only able to express himself facially and is exclusively fed by way of a GJ Tube.

Although, Xavier’s family is able to provide Xavier with the majority of his day to day needs there are certain things that his family cannot provide, that is where Silver Creek has filled in the gaps.

Xavier, has had the privilege of learning and making friends at Silver Creek Preschool since September 2013.

Silver Creek has provided Xavier with an accessible and inclusive space where he is stimulated and able to engage with his peers. Xavier has had experiences that his family thought he would never have like making friends and interacting with them in positive and meaningful ways. It is a place where Xavier not only can, but is encouraged to be a little boy despite his special needs. For two hours a day, four days a week, Xavier gets a break from all of his medical appointments, treatments and therapies and can play, learn and develop. Going to school is without a doubt the best part of Xavier’s day. Without Silver Creek, Xavier’s quality of life would be dramatically diminished.

Inspired by the wonderful work done at Silver Creek, Xavier’s aunt and uncle, Cordelia and Marcus Tzaferis generously created a scholarship in Xavier’s name called the Captain Xavier Fund. The funds in this scholarship provide financial support to families with children with special needs, who otherwise would not be able to afford to send their child to Silver Creek.

To learn more about Xavier’s Journey, visit his Facebook Page.
To learn more about Silvercreek Preschool and its impact on our community, please visit here.

Xavier participating in our poster and invitation making party for the 2015 Lemonade for Love


Although we would prefer to visit with you at the lemonade stand, we are happy to accept online donations towards the Captain Xavier Fund.

Please click here to make a donation!