We Are Having A Lemonade Stand

We Are Having A Lemonade Stand


In an attempt to teach our daughter gratitude through giving, we have encouraged her to put her time, resources, and skills together to raise money and support a community group of her choice.  Last year she, and a pal, raised money to buy pet supplies for the Toronto Humane Society, this year she chose SickKids Hospital.

She has put her time into assembling her resources to support her cause  Рshe has persuaded her papa to build a wind-sturdy stand, her mom to create a website, neighbours to bake cookies, and her dad to make the lawn green before the big day.

We have an entrepreneur on our hands.

We believe in community, and SickKids is part of our community. It has touched many of those around us, and the comfort of knowing that SickKids is within reach is a privilege we hold dear.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site & for supporting us in this journey, please check in again soon!