We are hosting this event for our friend Xavier.

In 2014 the kids were successful in raising $1300 for the Bravery Bead Program at SickKids Hospital.xxavieronfamilyday

This year we are making the event even more personal. We are hosting the lemonade stand in celebration of our friend Xavier. Xavier is a 4 year old neighbourhood boy who lives near Fairfield Park in Etobicoke with his mom, dad and sister. At the age of 1 Xavier was diagnosed with a very rare genetic disorder called Sandoff Disease. Sadly this is a life shortening disease, that is why it is so important to make each day a great one. Amazingly this very little guy has alot of profound life lessons to teach. So what could be better than Xavier spending the day helping other kids!

You can learn more and follow Xavier’s journey here.
Learn about Sandhoff Disease here


So, where will the money go?


Recently Xavier’s family heard about a little girl named Madelyn. Madelyn was recently diagnosed with Sandhoff Disease. Shortly after the diagnosis Madelyn’s mother took an extended leave to care for Madelyn and her father, due to a downturn at his company, lost his job (along with his benefits). This has put an incredible strain on the family’s resources. With so many other worries on their plates, Xavier’s family would like to assist in lessening the financial worries so Madelyn’s family can focus on enjoying their little girl.

You can learn more about Madelyn here.

Will I get a tax receipt?

No. This is a private fundraising effort and is not a recognized charitable organization. Our hope is that all donations will be made in-kind.

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How to Sponsor and Support Lemonade for Love

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