IMG_3685We are hosting this event for our friends Adeajah & Marlo.

In 2014 the kids were successful in raising $1300 for the Bravery Bead Program at SickKids Hospital. In 2015 we were able to raise $5,000. for our friend Madelyn. We couldn’t be prouder of the community we live in!



AdaejahAdaejah is a 3-year-old girl with Down Syndrome. She lives in Toronto with her mom and her two older sisters. In December 2014, Adaejah was diagnosed with Leukemia. She received chemotherapy treatment at SickKids and, after six long months, she was able to return home cancer-free. Sadly, in April of this year, the Leukemia returned. Adaejah has now started chemotherapy treatment again and, although she remains brave, it continues to take a toll on her immune system. Adaejah needs a bone marrow transplant. Her family is hopeful that she will soon be strong enough to go ahead with the procedure, provided a donor is found.

In addition to dealing with Adaejah’s health issues, the family is facing yet another obstacle. Last month their home and the majority of their possessions were destroyed in a fire. We can’t imagine the stress felt by Adaejah and her family.

We, at Lemonade for Love, learned about Adaejah from our friends at Silver Creek Preschool. Silver Creek is a place where Adaejah enjoys spending time playing and learning with her friends.

The Lemonade for Love Kid Ambassadors are excited and cannot wait to lead our community in helping out a friend in need! Last year we were able to raise $5,000 in support of our friend Madelyn, we are hoping, with your support, to do the same for our friend Adaejah.




Marlo is a 2 year old boy who has Cerebral Palsy and is hearing impaired. He lives in Toronto with his Mom and Dad. His family is new to Canada and they have no other family here. Unfortunately, Marlo is not the only person in his family with health issues. His mother is on the wait list for a kidney transplant and while she is waiting to receive a transplant she is on dialysis three times a week. Marlo’s father is both Marlo’s and Marlo’s Mother’s primary caregiver which dramatically impacts on his ability to work outside the home.


Will I get a tax receipt?

No. This is a private fundraising effort and is not a recognized charitable organization. Our hope is that all donations will be made in-kind.

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