Lemonade for Love Kids Committee
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Lemonade for Love Kids Committee

Kids Make a Difference

Lemonade for Love started in 2013 with the simple idea that small actions by a group of kids can make a big difference. Little did we know! 😉

Empower Kids

Our goal has always been to empower and mobilize kids to get involved with Lemonade for Love in whatever capacity they feel comfortable. Some kids enjoy making a poster and handing out invitations. Some want to work behind the scenes on the day of the event. And, as we have seen, some are willing to be front and centre! Every contribution is valued and important. We love having kids run the show!

Volunteers Are Important

We engage children (4+), youth, and adults as volunteers at the lemonade stand. We will continue to do that. We rely on your help! The volunteer jobs will be listed and available for sign-up in May. The Kids Committee is separate from the volunteer jobs.  

Kids Committee

Last year we received interest from a small group of kids who wanted to take on an even more significant role with the planning and promotion of the event. We took them up on their offer and created a “Kids Committee.” The kids attended meetings, received training on public speaking, practiced presentations, met with sponsors, and brainstormed ways to engage more kids in our community. 

It worked!

They learned a lot about event planning, and we learned a lot about engaging youth. We all enjoyed it and are going to give it another try. Therefore, we are extending an invitation to youth ages 9+ who would like to join the committee this year. 

Kids Committee Application

We have established some requirements for participation and have outlined them on the application form (linked below). We have a limited number of spots available; therefore, we will fill the spots on a first-come, first-serve basis. We would love to see all the schools in the area represented!

We are working with some incredible leaders in public speaking, confidence building, and leadership. There are some costs associated with the training, and although not required, a $25 donation from each family would be appreciated. 

Thank you so much for trusting us through this process. We are happy to answer any questions you may have! Once finalized, we will share the training modules and meeting topics with everyone involved. 

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